Who is Solmode?

I’m a designer, creator, dreamer, artist, maker, curious person and owner of Solmode. I believe in handmade with love and in slow design. I love recycling, sustainability, small scale and  purity.

My story:

The seeds were sown many years ago. When I was a young girl , my grandmother stimulated me to crafts. After this I studied at a fashiontrade school to obtain more technical skills. Not to mention the countless hours you could find me in numerous ateliers, and workplaces of befriended artists and craftsmen. All that learned me the art of craftsmanship and gave me the guts to follow my passion.

Born in Nijmegen in 1978, I was driven to the south of The Netherlands by love. After the love ended, I stayed nonetheless. I lived, worked and organized for 15 years in two different cultural free-zones. Places where I learned about a more sustainable living.

In this time I thought about how I could justify what I was doing. I mainly made costumes out of pvc. Inspired by a new way of living and thinking I decided to quit my job in 2007 and start with Solmode. Since that day I work hard for my big dream of my sustainable fashion label.

Like the fabrics I work with, my way of working is also very organic. I usually start with the fabric and try to see which design would fit. Working with recycling and vintage fabrics, brings you to entirely new forms, approaches and elaboration. In this way one-offs and small series come to light. For example I reuse old ties and make them into quirky shoulder wraps and dresses. Designing fashion is an artistic search. I always try to capture emotion in my designs and try to create a sensual experience.

By balancing between being in business while remaining true to my ideals I started to create a new series of clothing. Creations that can be customized by allowing the customer to choose from different sleeves, neck lines, color and size. All made from organic fabrics.

I also work on assignment. It’s always extra-ordinary to make something special in my style for someone.

I have a great atelier at Het Werkgebouw in Maastricht. This is a collective of craftsmen. The sustainable character of having a common building and creating a platform for local craftsmanship attracts me. Together you can achieve more than being alone on an island.

Besides the workplaces we have a shop that is run by us in turns. Visitors can come there every weekend.

Wow, you made it all the way here? Thanks for reading my story. Whenever you’re in the neighborhood of my atelier feel free to pass by. If you make an appointment beforehand, I’ll be more than happy to reserve time for you.

Greetings, Davina Versteeg.

“I am not a classic “eco warrior” and should confess that I’m even a little tired of words such as “eco,” “green” and “ethical.” It’s more that I dream of a world where everything is ecological, green and ethical so that actually we don’t have to define them anymore.” – Livia Firth